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Meet Ronnie and the Nastys, starring:

Ron Repple, Jr as Ronnie Nasty

Photo of Ron Repple Jr. He's playing the guitar and he looks like a badass.

Ron Repple, Jr, can do it all. He’s played bass (Odd Shaped Pieces), drums (Cook County Ramblers), but he really shines on guitar and vocals.

“I Knew You Better” from Ron’s original album, Shine:

Shine title track:

TK Nasty

On bass, TK Nasty!

Andrew Ortolano as Andy Nasty

Photo of Andrew Ortolano playing the drums. He is making a face and sweating his ass off.

What a let-down — Andrew’s just a drummer.

Active in Chicago’s music scene since 1999, he’s played with Lawnboy, Super Lucky, Clip, Slim Rughead & the Texas Hangover, Bugglette, Odd Shaped Pieces, The Cook County Ramblers, Squirrel, Impossible!, and Last Virgin on the Moon in addition to playing drums on a few tracks on Shine. Check him out on Spotify:

Impossible!: Gristle & Tenderness

Ron Repple, Jr: Shine

Clip: Amplified